Alias List

So here it is!  The list of aliases…


 gd  Get Dirk
 gw  Get Whip
 gb  Get Bow
 gs  Get Sword
 gl  Get Lance
 gn  Get Noose
 gf  Get Flail
 noweap  Cease wielding current weapons


 tt <who>  Set current target to <who>
 t <who>  Same as tt <who>
 t1 <who>  Sets target1, goes to t2, t3 – t0
 1, 2, 3 – 0  Changes current target to t1, t2, t3 – t0
 ctar  Clears all targets
 star  Shows targets


 ptells  Turns combat party tells on/off
 ctells  Changes party tells to clan tells
 core list  Shows your permanent enemies
 enemy list  Same as core list
 find q  Farsee all known Quisalis Marks
 find i  Farsee all known Ivory Marks
 find con  Farsee all known Contracts
 find lead  Farsee all party leaders
 seek q  Scry all known Quisalis Marks
 seek i  Scry all known Ivory Marks
 seek con  Scry all known Contracts
 seek lead  Scry all party leaders
 list leaders  Shows all party leaders


 core <what>  Switches to CabalCcore clan and sends <what>
 elders <what>  Switches to Elders clan and sends <what>
 mud <what>  Switches to Mudlet clan and sends <what>
 svo <what>  Switches to SVO clan and sends <what>
 scc <what>  Switches to SSC clan and sends <what>
 pro <what>  Switches to Project 9 and sends <what>
 rog <what>  Switches to Rogues and Wanderers and sends <what>
 pac <what>  Switches to Pand-o-Clan and sends <what>

EVADE FOLLOWING (Only works with other Cabal Core users…)

 ef <who>  Starts to evade follow <who>
 uf  Stops evade following completely
 elead  Sets you as the Evade Leader
 rh or lh  Sets you as either the right hand or left hand
 bprep  Sends a party tell that informs the Cabal to prepare for backstab, also echos the current target.
 ehelp  Shows a help file for evade following
 bs  Starts to backstab


 n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw, in, out, u, d  Pretty self explanatory.
 ev <dir>  Evade <direction>
 d <dir>  Dash <direction> Note: Works with Shackles!
 f <dir>  Tumble <direction>
 diw <dir>  Dash <direction> Icewall opposite direction
 ie <dir>  Icewall <direction> then evade


ow  Turns Overwatch on and off
 rs  Reset All Afflictions (twice for limb counts)


 red, blue, purple, green, black, white, grey, orange, gold, silver <#> Dye arrows, ex. red 20 would dye 20 arrows red and envenom them
iq  Inspect quiver
 putarrows  Puts all arrows in quiver and combines meteors and puts them in Bag of Stasis
 a1, a2, a3, a4 ,a5, a6 ,a7, a8, a9, a0  Switch arrow colors. Red, blue, purple, green, black, white, grey, orange, gold, silver.
 met  Launch meteor at target
 m1, m2, m3-m0  Launch meteor at target1, target2…
 met <who>  Launch meteor at <who>
 sn  Snipe all directions
 sn <dir>  Aim and snipe in <direction>
 sna  Arrow Affliction tracking, snipe all directions


 bite <what>  Checks sileris, bites venom.
 sum  Sumac
 xen  Xentio
 ole  Oleander
 eur  Eurypteria
 kal  Kalmia
 digi  Digitalis
 dar  Darkshade
 cur  Curare
 ept  Epteth
 pre  Prefarar
 mon  Monkshood
 eup  Euphorbia
 col  Colocasia
 ocu  Oculus
 cam  Camus
 ver  Vernalius
 eps  Epseth
 lar  Larkspur
 sli  Slike
 voy  Voyria
 del Delphinium
 not  Notechis
 var  Vardrax
 lok  Loki
 aco  Aconite
 sel  Selarnia
 gec  Gecko
 scy  Scytherus
 nec  Nechamandra


 d1  Doublestab Curare/Kalmia
 d2  Doublestab Gecko/Slike
 d3  Doublestab Curare/Vernalius
 d4  Doublestab Delphinium/Delphinium
 d5  Rip Venoms
 d6  Doublestab Kelp Stack
 d7  Doublestab Goldenseal Stack
 d8  Doublestab Ginseng Stack
 d9  Doublestab Epseth/Epseth
 d0  Doublestab Epteth/Epteth
 d11  Doublestab Voyria/Darkshade


 prep  Prepares for backstabbing, wields dirk, drops reboudning (svo users, stops smoking skullcap)
 bs1  Backstab Curare
 bs2  Backstab Gecko
 bs3  Backstab Prefarar
 bs4  Backstab Delphinium
 jh, jt, jra, jrl, jll, jrl  Jab Head, Jab Torso…


 y or yn  Yank target
 y <who>  Yank who
 b  Flay Sileris
 r  Flay Reboudning
 t  Flay Shield


 ph, pt, pra, pla ,prl, pll  Parry Head, Parry Torso…


 rb <who>  Garrotes who
 rb  Turns Rip Bashing on and off
 rb off  Turns Rip Bashing off
 rb on  Turn Rip Bashing on
 slain  Displays hunting stats
 resethunt  Resets hunting stats
 ripg  Turns gold gathering on and off


 h  Hypnotize target
 h1, h2, h3 – h0  Hypnotize target1, target2…etc
 mes  Mesmerize target
 mes1, mes2, mes3 -mes0  Mesmerize target1, target2…etc
 seal  Seal target for 1
 seal <#>  Seal target for X time
 snap  Snaps target
 snap1, snap2, snap3-snap0  Snaps target1, target2…etc
 loc  Suggest Locking Chain
 ash  Suggest Ash Chain
 bel  Suggest Bellwort Chain
 kel  Suggest Kelp Chain
 gol  Suggest Goldenseal Chain
 gin  Suggest Ginseng Chain
 lob  Suggest Lobelia Chain
 elm  Suggest Elm Chain
 epi  Suggest Epidermal Chain
 sle  Suggest Sleep Chain
 all  Suggest ALL Chain
 simp  Suggest Impatience
 sclu  Suggest Clumsiness
 samn  Suggest Amnesia
 sadd  Suggest Addiction
 spar  Suggest Paranoia
 slon  Suggest Loneliness
 scla  Suggest Claustrophobia
 sstu  Suggest Stuttering
 shal  Suggest Hallucinations
 spac  Suggest Pacifism
 shyp  Suggest Hypersomnia
 sdem  Suggest Dementia
 sdea  Suggest Deadening
 sepi  Suggest Epilepsy
 sago  Suggest Agoraphobia
 smas  Suggest Masochism
 srec  Suggest Recklessness
 sver  Suggest Vertigo
 slet  Suggest Lethargy
 sano  Suggest Anorexia
 sdis  Suggest Disrupt
 scon  Suggest Confusion
 sstup  Suggest Stupidity
 sgen  Suggest Generosity
 shypo  Suggest Hypochondria
 sa <what>  Suggest Action <what>
 sashtan  Suggest target enter Ashtan from Clouds
 sakick  Suggest target to Kick you
 sahead  Suggest target to Headbutt you
 satn  Suggest target touches a Gem of Negation
 neg  Secret Gem of Negation to target
 gneg  Get Gem of Negation from pouch
 sgold  Secret gold nugget to target


 raw  Raw Pickpocket
 raw <what>  Raw Pickpocket <item>
 spick  Snap, and Pickpocket
 spick <what>  Snap, and Pickpocket <item>
 sgene  Suggest Action Generosity, Seal for 5
 sgag  Suggest Action Get gold from pack and pouch
 pm <what>  Raw Pickpocket <denizen>


 ww  Worm Warp
 wv, wv <who>  Worm Vortex Target
 wr  Worm Resonance open and close
 wc  Worm Cancel
 ws  Worm Seek
 splice <who>  Start Worm Splice with <who>
 pha  Phase
 unph  Unphase
 ccc  Conjure cloak and ghost
 bind  Binds Target
 bind <who>  Binds <who>
 wts  Webs and slits target
 slit  Slits target
 slit <who>  Slits <who>
 app  Appraise target
 app  Appraise <who>
 sc  Summon Snake to Ground
 sci  Summon Snake to Inventory
 ock  Order Snake to Kill Target
 ocp  Order Snake passive
 ci <what>  Conjure Illusion
 ci1 <what>, ci2 <what>  Conjure Illusion at target1, target2….etc
 cit <what>  Conjure illusion at target
 holo  Conjure Jonesey casting a Holocaust Bomb!
 illr  Illusion lost of rebouding
 ills  Illusion fake Snap
 sha <who>  Shadow person
 sha  Shadow target
 wev  Weaving on and off
 snl  Snuff Lightwalls
 lw <dir>  Conjure Lightwall direction


 fly/fly2  Fly to Lower Clouds, Fly to Middle Clouds
 son/soff  Shackle On, Shackle Off
 ll  Strum Lyre
 gem Toggles Get Gem of Cloaking from pouch, put Gem in pouch
 fw <dir>  Cast Firewall direction
 m  Melt Icewall
 iw <dir>  Cast Icewall direction
 eye  Get eye sigil from pouch, throw at ground
 cube  Get cube sigil from pouch, attach flame, drop


 od <dir>  Open door direction
 cd <dir>  Close door direction
 sd <dir>  Slam door direction
 ho <who>  Honours person
 ing <#>  Put gold in pouch
 outg <#>  Get gold from pouch (bypasses anti-theft)
 check <what>  Expert Diagnose affliction
 f/land  Fly and Land…
 j  Get journal from pack, write journal


 sq <dir>  Squint direction
 sqa  Squint All directions
 ob  Observe
 tto  Tunnelvision off
 fs, fs <who>  Farsee target, Farsee who
 scry, scry <who>  Scry target, Scry who
 cv <#>  Center map view on room number
 swho  SVO ONLY: Turns on people tracker for 15 seconds and plops them on the map
 lg  Look guard


 ink <tattoo> <who>  Gets inks required for tattoo, inks on person. (To ink on yourself do, ink starburst me)
 wt  Web target
 w1, w2, w3-w0  Web target1, target2…etc
 web <who>  Web who
 tb  Brazier target
 tb <who>  Brazier who
 tb1, tb2, tb3-tb0  Brazier target1, target2…etc
 x  Touch shield tattoo
 tp  Prism to target
 tp <who>  Prism to who
 tp1, tp2, tp3-tp0  Prism to target1, target2…etc


 wm, wm <what>  Whistle Mount and Vault
 dm  Dismount
 mo, mo <what>  Mount
 v, v <what>  Vault
 mk <dir>  Mount Kick target direction
 mt  Mount trample


 dd  Diagnose


 shat <rl, ll, ra, la>  Shatter right leg, left leg…etc
 bh  Behead
 decap <corpse>  Decapitate a corpse


 dform  Enter Dragonform
 lform  Lesserform
 dheal  Dragon Heal
 flex  Dragon Flex
 da  Dragon Armour
 ds, ds <who>, ds1-ds0  Dragon Sense
 en, en <who>, en1-en0  Enmesh target
 view  Dragonview
 dt, dt <who>, dt1-dt0 Dragon Track
 dh, dh <who> dh1-dh0 Dragon Hoist
 dr, dr <who>, dr1-dr0 Dragon Release
 dep, dep <who>, dep1-dep0  Dragon Deposit
 db, db <who> db1-db0  Dragon Blast
 rain  Dragon rain
 dg, dg <who>, dg1-dg0  Dragon Gust
 storm  Dragon Storm
 brs, brs <who> brs1-brs0  Breathstrip target
 droar, droar <who>, droar1-droar0  Dragon Roar
 gut, gut <who>, gut1-gut0  Dragon Gut
 re h, re t, re la, re ra, re ll, re rl <venom>  Rend Head, rend Torso…venoms are c and p, for Curare and Prefarar, so it’s…reh c (to rend head with curare)
 dbite, dbite <who>, dbite1-dbite0  Dragon Bite
 cph, cpt, cpla, cpra, cpll, cprl  Claw parry head, Claw parry torso…
 dev, dev <who>, dev1-dev0  Devour
 sweep  Tail sweep
 bec, bec <who>, becall, bec1-bec0  Becalm
 dem <s/i> <dir>  Demolish stone/ice wall direction
 di, di <who>, di1-di0  Incantation
 vg, vg <who>, vg1-vg0  Veil Glance
 vd <what> <who>  Veil Deliver what to who
 ptv  Pierce the veil
 dc<p/i/s/a><delay>  Dragoncurse.  P for Paralysis, I for impatience, S for sensitivity, A for Asthma with delay. (so, dci1, Dragon Curse Impatience at 1 second delay.)
 bs <dir>  Breathstream target direction
 dhelp  In-game help


 rips  Random Suffix
 riptips  Cycle some of my tips
 ew/lw  Enter Wilderness. Leave Wilderness
 ehar/lhar  Enter Harbour. Leave Harbour
 esub/lsub  Enter Subdivision. Leave Subdivision
 eu/lu  Enter Underworld. Leave Underworld
 ea/iwish  Enter Annwyn. Wish yourself out
 bp <where> <cost>  Buy ferry passage to where at cost
 fd  Ferry Departures
 rg  Renounce Grace
 oc  Offer Corpses
 si  Strengthen Icon
 cl  Check Logs
 food  Get loaf from pack, eat.
 card  Drop and activate Shadowsnake card
 makehelm  Give ores to goblin smith for Helm
 teach  Toggle auto-teaching on and off
 cfs <#> <price per>  Buy credits from CFS (cfs 2 6000) buys 2 credits at 6000 a piece
 getall  Get everything on ground
 corebug <what>  Send me a bug report


 riphelp  In-game Help menus


 as  All Stop!
 cp  Cross plank
 dis  Disembark
 entb/leab  Enter Bell. Leave Bell.
 ml  Map List
 win  Ship winds
 saa <what>  Ship announce what
 sd  Ship Dock
 sgt <dir>  Ship Grapple direction
 sh  Ship Health
 st <dir>  Ship turn direction
 ra  Raise Anchor
 lowa  Lower Anchor
 sets <10-100>  Set Sails
 rp/lp  Raise Plank. Lower Plank.
 row  Ship Row
 sr <what>  Ship Repair (all, hull, sails)
 gohome  Ship Return
 tmt  Board the Minor Threat
 rescue  Use Token
 tars <ship#>  Target Ship
 ssn  Ship scan normal
 ssb  Ship scan brief
 kh, kh <who>  Keelhaul
 swo/swf  Ship Warning on and off
 ssg <dir>  Ship look direction
 helm  Assume Helm
 comm  Assume Command
 sap <who>  Add boarding perms who
 srp <who>  Remove boarding perms who
 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100  Set sails 00, set sails 10…etc
 pnone  No ship prompt
 pbat  Battle prompt
 pcry  Cryptic prompt
 pnom  Normal prompt
 ssg  Steadygoing
 smenu  In-Game ship Menu
 iss  Invoke Sea Spirit
 iwb  Wind Boost
 iws  Wavescythe
 ish  Ship Shield
 irs  Rain Storm
 ihg  Hull grid
 isg  Sail grid
 scu  Cloak Up
 scd  Cloak Down
 stf  Touch Figurehead
 tl  Tease Line
 jp  Jerk Pole
 reel  Reel in line
 cl <bait> <dir>  Cast line bait direction
 bait <what>  Bait hook with type of bait
 fishing  Fishing Stats


 infamy  Checks who list for Infamous


 elixsort  Shows elixers
 ripvial <type> <cost>  Fills vials with type at cost
 ripvenom <type> <cost>  Fills vials with venom type at cost