Installation Guide

If you experience problems you can contact me in game, or via e-mail at or…this nifty Contact Form!

First, you need Mudlet. (Which is free…)  Download Mudlet.

I suggest you use Mudlet 2.1 until they are finished with 3.0.  Once you have Mudlet installed, click “connect” and create a “new profile” and then add the below info to connect to the Achaean sever.

Server Address:
Port: 23

Plop in your Character Name and Password and you should be all set.

Once you connect to Achaea, you will have a few things to set up and I am going to do my best here to make that happen.

You can check out the mudlet media page for some video tutorials or the mudlet manual for further help…

Install the Cabal Core via package manager.

Click on “Package Manager” and install the  Once you have that done, type ‘cinstall‘ and it will walk you through the install process.

Having problems?  Contact Rip!