Change Log

Updates for 4.7.2016

  • Fixed Dragon Form Tracking
  • Slimmed down the updatePrompt() now running .005 seconds faster
  • Added touch-free hypnosis
  • Changed some of the venom logic, mostly kelp stacks
  • Hunting is now turned off upon login
  • Added lite Expert Diagnose (Still working on this)
  • Impatience is now always the last hypnosis suggestion (First to fire)
  • Fixed GUI images for Linux users
  • Changed the Hunting Script Mod, it now echos the [ + ] and [ – ] to the chat window.  (Uninstall the old hunting script first via package manager then you will have to download the new hunting script and reinstall it and do ‘hinstall’  Sadly this will reset your hunting tables but…It can’t be helped.)
  • Added support for Hypnotic Imprint (see ‘riphelp2′)
  • Added Curing logic and GUI support
  • Sped up weapon wielding by about a second

Updates for 8.3.2015

  • Added Execute alias. ‘exe’ and ‘exe <who>’
  • Added venom GUI for multiple venoms
  • Added Battlerage! Check ‘riphelp4′
  • Added Battlerage for dragons, change your abilities via rip.items[] line 23 (Need the other Dragon Rage triggers, Black Dragon is coded however.)
  • Created a complete list of shop owners with highlights ‘hso’ to turn on/off
  • Added ‘find/seek shop’ to farsee/scry all shop owners locations
  • Replaced Voyria arrows with Loki arrows. (‘a0′ and ‘silver #’ to dye them)
  • Added ‘alt-1, alt -2 … alt – 0′ (Switches arrow color and snipes all directions)
  • Added “Ship Stop Turning”, all you have to do is click on any direction if your ship is turning it will stop!

Updated the Hunting Script

  • Took out the bug with trying to load in old chat window.

Updates for 4.12.2015!

  • Added a venom vial filler
  • New Profile GUI
  • Deleted some stuff I didn’t like in the GUI
  • Moved the Chat window
  • The Infamy tracker is broke due to changes in Achaea (Sorry!)
  • Created Sailing menu, still working on ship combat
  • Many minor changes and updates

Many new updates…1.31.2014

  • Updated aiming and sniping
  • Sorted out ripVials()
  • Started utilizing server-side aliases with variables
  • Reworked venom stacks
  • Added rebound gauge
  • Fixed some Dragoncraft hunting issues
  • Updated ripSeek(), ‘find q’, ‘find i’, ‘find lead’
  • Added shackle and whistle toggles
  • Updated ‘slain’ with dragon hunting data
  • Added Svo or wunderSys  toggle
  • Added rip.items[“breath”]
  • Added rip.items[“mountnumber”]
  • Worked on new ‘cinstall’ instructions
  • Added bite venom aliases. ‘sum’ for Sumac, ‘xen’ for Xentio..



Change Log 1.16.2015

  • Created a ‘corebug’ alias
  • Added ‘helphunting’, ‘helpweapons’
  • Updated ‘setallaliases’
  • Updated ‘smenu’ – that’s Ship Menu
  • Started Change Log