Cabal Core

What is the Cabal Core?

The Cabal Core is a “combat profile” for serpents that play Achaea.  Some hard core gamers enjoy building their own profiles from the ground up and then there is the rest of us.  Learning to code a profile can be daunting at first.  Over the years I have helped countless serpents set-up basic profiles and teach basic coding but I always wanted to take it to the next level.  The Cabal Core is that level.

The goal of the Cabal Core, first and foremost is to teach other serpents (that’s you).  You get to see first hand what a decent profile looks like and how it functions.  My main goal is to show you what a good profile can do for your gaming experience in Achaea, and my hope is that after you tinker and toy with what I built, you will someday want to build your own.

I was keeping the Cabal Core to a select group of serpents, however after tossing the idea around and getting feedback from players I noticed one thing.  It made Achaea fun for them.  Many have told me they would have given up on Achaea had it not been for the Cabal Core and to me, that is the biggest compliment!

Who am I?

My character’s name is Rip.  I have been playing Achaea for nearly 20 years and I still enjoy it.  Rip is one of the oldest characters still roaming around, in fact I just turned 517 in game!  That makes me the 5th oldest…I am also the 2nd oldest serpent around and founder of the Shadowsnakes (hence why I own the domain…)

Here is a list of the oldest players…that’s me there at the top.

1 – 5: Haidion, Crotalus, Changcoix, Tarkun, Rip,
6 – 10: Kothlun, Aife, Laergon, Aeschylus, Viper,
11 – 15: Luthius, Conrad, Damascas, Agamemnon, Heron,
16 – 20: Isildur, Odysseus, Thaipan, Portis, Ragnorak,
21 – 25: Roubel, Buckthorn, Mausolus, Dern, Mordicarnon,
26 – 30: Mymla, Krissandra, Jennisis, Alanna, Vammatar,
31 – 35: Paragon, Draynor, Nefarious, Grimshaw, Benito,
36 – 40: Dantz, Urza, Mistral, Lythark, Napoloen,
41 – 45: Shard, Morrigan, Numen, Azhrarn, Jetraal,
46 – 50: Hamlet, Uziel, Mordyval, Ozymandias, Antarius

Most of these characters were my friends (or enemies) but I haven’t seen many of them in a very long time.  Someday I hope they get the urge to log in and say hi.  Nonetheless, it’s been awhile, I think I was 16 years old when I first logged in and at that time Achaea was brand new and MUDs (that’s multi-user dungeon) were the only on-line multi-player games around.

My goal…

To teach other serpents that need help.  Achaea is very complex, it’s deep and has years of history.  Most new people that come to Achaea for the first time have a difficult time with the learning curve, and need a some guidance. Thankfully many of the people playing are more than happy to show new players the ropes but it takes time and effort from both parties.

Some helpful links…

Achaea – On-line multi-player text based game, considered the “best MUD in the world”.  It’s a classic!  Play for free directly from their html client!

Mudlet – Free client to play Achaea, it’s a must for serious game play. (You need mudlet to use the Cabal Core and the curing systems below.)

Achaean Mudlet curing systems…

SVO – This is pretty much the profession standard.  It does cost a few dollars but it’s well worth every penny if you enjoy Achaea.

Wundersys – a Free Mudlet curing system, which if you are a little short on spare change, works well.

If at anytime you need advice, help, have questions, comments or problems…be sure to contact me in Achaea, or e-mail at or use this convenient Contact Form.

Now on to Installing the Cabal Core.